Threading the Menus

To bind the menus I tried to find a blue thread that came as close as possible to the blue of the colour scheme. As I said in the binding posts that I had chosen to use the Marionette bind which links well to the interlacing logo. I bought cotton thread that had the thickest weight so that it should be durable enough to stand up to daily use. I found that threading the menus was difficult because the pattern was described as an intermediate pattern difficulty for people who craft as a hobby. Following the sequence was difficult because after a while the pattern starts to look all the same and I started to lose track of the holes that I was threading and so making sure that I was following the sequence with was a must.

This is the sequence that I had to follow to achieve the pattern:

After finishing the thread I tied off the two ends and super glued the ends so that they wouldn’t fray, affecting the professional finish.


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