Delivery bag Creation

I had to scale down the delivery bag because it is almost as large as an A1 sheet because it is the net of the bag that has to be cut, folded and glued into place. Here is the net for the bag which you can find at ( The has an extra layer on the top which folds down to give the handles and top edge an even stronger hold. screen-shot-2015-05-31-at-20-30-23 I began by cutting out the holes using the leather hole punch to make the largest holes for the rope handles and began cutting the base of the bag for the flaps. Once the cutting was complete I began folding the bag beginning with the top part that gives the bag more strength then the sides and the bottom, the top was the most difficult part because it was the longest part of the bag and I had to make sure that the fold was crisp enough and precise because if the fold isn’t precise it will reduce the professionalism of the piece. IMG_1674

Folding the sides of the bag were the difficult because I had to fold at an angle towards the corners but after scoring the folds it became easier. I used double-sided tape to create the bag because it meant that the bag didn’t become warped where the glue met the paper. Double sided tape was better than glue because it meant that I could keep dry testing the joins before remove the opposite side of the tape and securing it. Once the bag was created I began using the rope that I had bought that was a navy blue, which was close to the colours of the brand and began threading the rope for the handles. I melted the ends of the rope so that the rope didn’t fray and tied the ends, I made sure the handles were long enough so that they did not cover the brand name and were long enough so that the used could easily slip their hand in and out of the handles and it feel comfortable.


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